Army General steps down after discovery of love affair

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(CNN) – A U.S. Army general with access to some of America’s most sensitive information has been forced to resign following a sex scandal.A warning to readers and viewers – this material could be unsuitable for children.

The Army Inspector General’s report reads like a salacious novel, including allegations of group sex, an illicit affair, and tawdry talk over government email.

All involving Major General David Haight.

Friday night, Haight is out of a job, as experts question why it took ten years for the government to uncover his double life, and only after someone filed multiple complaints against him.

CNN Military Analyst Gen. James “Spider” Marks says, “When you talk to the guys who knew him as an officer, in combat, in very tough circumstances, he was calm, he delivered, he was a great commander. So it truly was a conscious decision on his part to create this other existence.”

According to the Inspector General, Haight’s double life began in 2005 while serving in Iraq. That’s where he allegedly met Jennifer Armstrong, whose name was redacted from the government report, but who confirmed her identity to USA Today.

Armstrong told USA Today that she and Haight carried on an extramarital affair lasting more than ten years, backed up by emails, photographs and other documents. Affairs are against the Army’s code of conduct, and are especially frowned upon when they involve officers.

But sources tell CNN it wasn’t just the relationship that drew the interest of the Pentagon.

According the to the inspector general, Haight and his girlfriend exchanged explicit emails over Haight’s government account, at times discussing specific types of sexual activities and making “naughty movies”. Haight is also accused of using his government cell phone 84 times to call her, racking up 1,400 minutes at the Pentagon’s expense during just one six-month period.

But the most damning allegations revolve around the couple’s quote “swinger lifestyle” which the report goes as far as to define as engaging in group sex.

It says the couple’s photograph was posted on a website for swingers. That same photo was later found in Haight’s email. And the government report says the couple visited swingers clubs as far back as 2012, when Haight was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Experts say Haight’s alleged behavior could have put U.S. national security at risk.

Because Haight held several important positions in the military, including running America’s response to Russia in Eastern Europe, sources say that if the affair and the swinging had been discovered by another country, it would have left him vulnerable to blackmail and espionage.

Gen. Marks says, “Russia, as we know, has an incredible intelligence collection mechanism and would exploit behavior like this in a heartbeat. Number one, he should have been smart enough to realize that. Number two, he should have realized that even if he is going to have this double life he becomes extremely vulnerable.”

The Army pulled Major General David Haight from his post at European Command for failing to exhibit proper conduct and army values. He is set to retire, but could be forced to do so at a lower rank.

Haight refused to answer questions of the Army Inspector General, but in a statement to USA Today he said “I am truly sorry for the pain I have caused my wife and family.”Copyright 2016 CNN

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