NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) In Florence Saturday community members came together for a free art show put on by Brushwork’s Arts and Industry.

“Typically I would come to work, close my door and work, and not really see too many people. So this gives all of us in the building an opportunity to walk around and see what else is happening,” said artist Jane Herzenberg.

Artisans and craftspeople from around the community came together to show off their talents in an open studio style.

Martin Bridge, artist, and educator said he finds this kind of art show inspiring. “Any time I get to walk around to someone else’s studio I get fired up and can’t wait to get back to my own work.”

Other artists said the art show gives them an opportunity to see what other people in the building are working on and provides them with a chance to step out of their studio.

The whole building is a buzz with energy and you can feel it, it is visceral,” said artist Tiffany Hilton.

The converted factory where the art show was held holds over 160,000 square feet of workshops, studios, and galleries that artists from around the area lease to work on their craft.