SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day with temperatures in the 80s and low humidity. Many people headed out to local parks and pools to have some fun in the sun!

Forest Park was the place to be on Sunday, with people taking advantage of that warm summer weather after the oppressive heat and humidity last weekend. People came to take a stroll through the park, enjoy a nice bike ride in the shade, or they came to the splash pads or pool to stay cool.

Leilani Cox of Springfield told 22News, “I like going into the pool and swimming, and riding our bikes.”
The park has a little bit of everything for families to make the most of the summer weather before the fall. Everything from the zoo to the ice cream and even a pool.

Peter Paradise Michaels of Springfield comes to the park everyday during the summer with his wife to take a nice stroll and enjoy the breeze. “The humidity and the heat is not so bad, so we are out where it’s beautiful here in the park. We’re having the best time. We come here almost everyday, we like to walk, occasionally I’ll jog. I’ll even play music here sometimes, just enjoying it while we got it,” he said.

Other families were fishing and feeding the ducks, or playing games of volleyball, even enjoying a nice picnic or grill.

Garren Cox of Springfield expressed some of the things he enjoys, “Walking the dog and playing at the park. Feeding the ducks too.”

Rylee Chatman of Springfield expressed an activity she liked to do, “Ride my bike and chill out.”

Whether you are staying in or heading out, be sure to drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and dress in loose-fitting clothes to stay as cool as possible.