Axe throwing is growing in popularity and a Burlington business caters to those seeking competition. Burly Axe hosts tournament nights on Mondays and Wednesdays. Teams play four games a week for a seven-week session.

Katie Watson manages Burly Axes and is one of the instructors. She says anyone can play adding “we’ve had folks with only one arm, we’ve had folks with shoulder injuries, and maybe we modify the way they throw a little bit.”

The rules of axe throwing are as follows: 81 points are available over five rounds. Inside the outer circle is one point, the next circle is three points and the bullseye is worth five points. You get five throws. On the fifth throw, you can call “clutch” and try to hit one of two green dots on the board.

Sports Anchor Taylor Viles introduces us to the growing sport of axe throwing and got a lesson for himself.