SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A viewer emailed 22News about an ad they saw on a local website’s classified section. The ad was looking for loving parents to adopt an 11 month old boy, it even showed a picture of the boy.

The ad said, “11 Month Old Baby Boy for lovely family, we are giving out this baby boy  to any one that is willing and caring to love and care for him no matter where ever they might be.This is the perfect gift we are offering.Email(redacted) for more information.”

We did a little digging using the alleged parents email and found the same ad in classifieds in Oregon, Michigan and Pennsylvania to name a few. The founder of Full Circle Adoptions in Northampton told 22News this ad does not describe a legal process.

“The normal process would involve the biological parent having the opportunity for informational advising and counseling, but that particular ad was describing a particular fraudulent situation and isn’t anything that is real,” said Marla Allisan, JD, LICSW, Founder and Director of Full Circle Adoptions.

Allisan says if you are considering adoption or struggling with the adoption process this is not the solution.

We emailed the alleged parent Wednesday afternoon but no response as of yet.