LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Bahamian students at Liberty University are sharing how Hurrican Dorian is damaging their home.

Liberty University sophomore Alanis Ingraham has been monitoring conditions in her home country of the Bahamas through photos and videos sent by friends and family still on the islands.

“As far as my home,” she said, “I know were going to have to take out all that flooring, knock down some of those walls, and basically start over.”

“Other friends and family, some of them have completely lost their homes. there’s nothing to go back to, there’s nothing to salvage.”

Mandy Bauer is a junior at Liberty and spent much of her childhood in the Bahamas.

“Seeing the pictures of our home,” she said, “and just of our island and just where I’ve grown up, I remember running around, climbing palm trees, and getting coconuts, and having a lemonade stand and just stuff like that like little kids, it’s all gone.”

Hearing about the devastation back home from loved ones is hard enough for Alanis and Mandy, but not being able to reach people at all is harder.

“We don’t know if they’re okay or if they’re safe,” said Bauer, “but hopefully with more information coming in we’ll find out more soon.”

Ingraham had been trying to make contact for many days with one friend in particular, who she was able to reach on Thursday.

“Today actually I just heard from my friend and family Nae,” said Ingraham. “[She] and her family are good, and they’re at a clinic, so definitely hearing news like that is uplifting, and it’s heart-warming.”

Liberty University committed $25,000 to a Bahamian organization to distribute to hurricane victims, according to David Nasser, Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development.

“And as always,” he added, “we’re planning to send a group of our students through LU Send Now to go and do humanitarian work with our partner, Samaritan’s Purse.”

Most students in that group will be Bahamian, so they can reunite with loved ones.

“I would love to go back home,” said Ingraham, “to be with my people, to be able to help them how I can, and to let them know I’m here because I love you.”

She says her family does not have insurance on their home, because they are inland and have easily gotten through several hurricanes in the past with ease. her family has set up a GoFundMe to help with the cost of the devastation.

See Alanis’s full description of the damage below.