BOSTON (WWLP) – Governor Charlie Baker signed an executive order Thursday morning designed to give job seekers the tools they need to land a job.

Nearly 200-thousand Massachusetts residents are currently out of work, many of them lack the skill set employers are looking for. In western Massachusetts, the unemployment rate is disproportionately higher than Greater Boston.

The Governor said there are jobs waiting; all they need are properly trained workers. “The aerospace industry in the Pioneer Valley is booming. I mean, there’s no other way to put it. They have a thousand jobs or more open at any point in time for skilled workers; keyword here is skilled workers,” Baker said.

The Massachusetts economy is creating jobs that require specific training like advanced manufacturing.

Gov. Baker signed an executive order Thursday establishing a “Workforce Skills Cabinet” to help bridge the skills gap. He assigned three cabinet members to develop a plan to align education and workforce training with the needs of employers.

Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Ronald Walker will lead the effort. He said, “We also know that education and training programs to retrain laid off workers must be relevant to hiring the demand in today’s economy.”

The panel is expected to meet with businesses, schools and job seekers from all across the state. Baker said he should have a plan in place to bridge the skills gap by this summer.