(WWLP) – President Biden is reportedly planning to ask Congress to suspend the federal gas tax through the end of September.

22news asked a few people in our region what they thought of the idea, with much-expressing optimism it could provide some relief.

“It’s saving gas for us. Especially for me, I do a lot of driving and for us who drive a lot, it would help a lot,” said Regina Allen of Springfield.

“I mean it’s kind of hard to argue against it right? I mean people are struggling so I think any sort of action’s going to help. Whether it works or not. you know I guess we’ll kind of find out as it plays out,” said Dominic Moriarty of Chicopee.

While a federal gas tax suspension may save consumers about 18 cents a gallon, some say that it’s just a temporary fix.

“It’s only a band-aid. It doesn’t fix the problem,” said Robb Wallace of Hampden.

Republicans have accused the Biden administration of undermining the energy industry. Even members of Biden’s own party have expressed concern that companies would absorb much of the savings.

Local residents expressed similar worries.

“We kind of have to assess are those big companies actually passing on those savings to the consumer or are they just taking advantage of a situation where they can continue to make more profits?” said Dominic Moriarty.

Federal gas taxes also supply a majority of federal funding used to build and maintain highways.

Congressional approval would be needed to lift the 18 cent per gallon tax on gasoline and 24 cent per gallon tax on diesel fuel.

Several states, including Connecticut, have lifted their state-level gas taxes, but so far, legislative leaders in Massachusetts have refused to do so.

Congress has not increased the federal gas tax since 1993. But it has never lifted the tax either.