Some visitors at the Big E have expressed concerns for the welfare of two elephants at the fair. 

Some visitors have questioned the health of two elephants owned by the Commerford Zoo of Connecticut, but the owners said it’s a lack of understanding that’s causing these concerns. 

Buelah and Minnie, two elephants owned by the Commerford Zoo have been coming to the Big E for decades, but in recent years the company has received backlash, with some visitors expressing concerns for their welfare, including one Connecticut woman 22News spoke with who asked not to be shown on camera. 

“Teach your children about compassion, not riding them. Animals aren’t for human entertainment. he mentioned she loves the desert, well she’s not in the desert.”

The Commerford Zoo was most recently cited by the USDA in 2017 for Beulah’s cuticles being too long and jagged, but the company said they have to receive a permit from the USDA before they can appear at the Big E. 

One woman said she was glad to see one of the Commerford elephants, Beulah, wasn’t giving rides. 

“I feel like if she is going to be here, feeding her and interacting with her is much more humane than having her walk in circles giving rides,” said Alexandra Demai of Connecticut.

“It’s the animal activists, it’s the non-human rights group,” Tim Commerford, Commerford Zoo owner added. “Everybody is jumping off, whacking away on their keyboard, and they know nothing about it. They know nothing. We figured it out, each of our elephants goes out about 23 days a year. That’s it.”

The Big E told 22News they also have their own veterinarians on site, and the elephants receive the care they need. 

The MSCPA said on Facebook Monday people have been contacting them about these elephants at the Big E. They said the state legislature is considering a bill that would ban traveling elephant acts in Massachusetts.