Blade disguised as lipstick in traveler’s bag at New York airport: TSA


A blade disguised as a tube of lipstick, confiscated by a TSA officer at LaGuardia Airport, according to the agency. (Credit: TSA)

QUEENS — A TSA officer at LaGuardia Airport recently discovered a new meaning to the phrase “beauty is pain.”

According to TSA officials, a traveler was stopped at airport security after the officer found a tube of lipstick in their bag that was not lipstick at all, but a knife.

Instead of lipstick, a twist of the accessory revealed a razor-sharp blade, officials said.

“If it was lipstick, the color would be what, blood red?” wrote TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein in a tweet, along with an image of the hidden weapon.

It was not made clear whether the traveler faced any charges for attempting to take the blade on the aircraft.

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