Bond reduction denied for Capital Murder suspect Cedric Marks


Judge Steve Duskie refused to reduce the bond Tuesday for the man accused of killing Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin.

Cedric Marks asked Tuesday to reduce his bond from $1.5 million to $200,000, calling it an unreasonable amount of money.

Michael Swearingin & Jenna Scott

Scott and Swearingin were both reported missing from Temple on January 4, 2019.  Investigators later found their bodies in Oklahoma.

Cedric Marks has been in the Bell County Jail since February of 2019, after being arrested in Michigan. While on his way back to face the murder charges, authorities say Marks escaped custody. He was later caught after a nine-hour manhunt.

Marks’ brother and sister testified that they are helping to raise cash for the $200,000 bond. If released, Marks would live in Arlington with his sister, Darlena Marks-Simmons.

During testimony, Cedric Marks and his siblings told the court that he has no money and his only property that could be used as collateral is a collection of Transformer toys appraised to be worth $30,000.

The Bell County District Attorney’s Office argued that he is a flight risk with possible contacts across the country. The judge agreed with the prosecutor and denied the bond reduction.

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