Brawl breaks out at park popular among Pokémon GO gamers

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HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An all-out brawl broke out Saturday night near a spot popular among Pokémon GO players.

Juckett Park is a popular place to track down elusive Pokémon characters. It’s home to a Pokémon gym, a place where users can train their Pokémon and sharpen their skills for virtual battle. But a fight that broke out Saturday night was very real.

Cell phone video shows the moment a rowdy crowd turned violent. Around 9:30 p.m., one young man punched another young man twice and knocked him to the ground.

Chris Miranda was there and was also involved. “They got out of the car, and they came over just running their mouths trying to fight, and everyone kept telling them, ‘We’re not fighting here. This is a public park. There’s kids,’” he said.

Dozens of people, including young kids, are seen at the park every day playing Pokémon GO. Miranda said it was no different when the fight broke out. “There was probably 20 people in the park, and when the fight started, people [were] coming out of the stores,” he said.

Video of the fight was posted to YouTube and dubbed “Huge Pokémon GO Brawl,” but Miranda said the fight wasn’t about the popular game at all. Rather, it was nasty words that escalated to violence.

“The guy who was coming at him, he said, ‘Don’t come at me,’ and the guy kept coming at him, so he hit him,” Miranda said.

Hudson Falls police arrived, and Miranda said the crowd scattered.

No arrests have been made in connection with the fight, but police are reviewing the video. When authorities determine who was involved in the fight, charges are likely.

In the meantime, police are asking people who visit the park to respect the curfew, and if playing Pokémon GO, to do so responsibly.

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