(WWLP) – Puerto Rico is left without power after Hurricane Maria and its been difficult for people to contact family members and loved ones on the island.

The Puerto Rico Federal Administration in Washington, D.C. has provided a hotline for people to get information.

Hurricane Maria causes massive damage to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

You can call (202) 778-0710, if you need need information about a loved ones well being.

If you know someone who needs help on the island, you are asked to call (787) 777-0940. This is a radio station that is receiving emergency calls.

A tourism company has also set up a hurricane hotline at (877) 976-2400, for hotels, guests and industry partners.

Puerto Rico paralyzed by Hurricane Maria

The lines have been flooded with calls, but authorities say they are opening more lines.22News will bring you updates as more information becomes available.