SPRINGFIELD,Mass. (WWLP)- It’s expected that this Thursday marijuana will be legal for recreational use in Massachusetts, but it comes with a lot of questions.

If all goes according to plan, the Secretary of State’s office will have results of the ballot question ready for the Governor’s Council Certification Wednesday. So starting Thursday, December 15th it will be legal for adults 21 or older to possess an ounce of marijuana outside the home and up to ten ounces inside the home. They can also grow up to 12 pot plants per household.

You will be able to gift up to one ounce of marijuana to someone else, but you can NOT sell it.  It will take at least a year until you can purchase marijuana from pot shops that are licensed and regulated.  A Cannabis Control Commission must first be established. Medical marijuana patients will still be able to get weed from designated dispensaries.

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Teresa Williams, of Springfield said, “They are going to make a killing. The state going to make good money. There is a lot of money in marijuana.”

The initial proposal read that retail marijuana would be subject to the states 6.25 sales tax, a 3.75 excise tax, and cities and towns can add up to a 2 percent tax.  State lawmakers are the estimated 12% tax total when compared to other states where tax rates are 25% and above.

“I think it’s no worse then alcohol honestly and I think if the state has a chance to make money off of it I think it’s a good thing. I don’t see a problem with it honestly,” Danielle Hines, of Chicopee said.

The penalties for impaired driving remain in place as it is currently for alcohol and other drugs.

Marijuana is still illegal under the federal law, so the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration can still enforce it.