(WWLP) – Three Republican candidates running for positions in the State House, Congress and Governor toured Franklin County Tuesday.

22News spoke to the candidates about issues from the top of the state to the bottom, taking on issues they said are crucial to the state. The three Republicans were visiting businesses in downtown Greenfield: Geoff Diehl is running for Governor, Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette is running for Congress against Jim McGovern and Jeffrey Raymond is running for State Representative District Two in Franklin Country.

22News asked about issues like mold concerns at the Roderick Ireland Courthouse, affordable housing and cutting police budgets like what’s happening in Greenfield. Here’s what they had to say.

“Those people who work in that courthouse, the people who are experts on that building they would understand what we need best and if they feel that a new investment is needed for the courthouse, then I would agree,” said Diehl.

“We’ve got to build more housing. And if we’re saying it’s affordable housing then we have to make it that,” said Sossa-Paquette.

“The police departments are getting the bigger share of the cuts. I don’t think their budget is thorough as the ones making those decisions but I think it’s unfair because the people they’re going to hurt are the people who need the officers,” said Raymond.

The Massachusetts Primary is September 6th and Election Day is November 8th, both are on a Tuesday.