WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –     A half dozen cars were lined up outside outside the Westfield Highway Department Wednesday night, hoping to get a very specific inspection on Thursday.

These cars, some of which were on flatbed trailers, had been there since Wednesday afternoon and, despite the sign that says “No Overnight Parking,” had planned to be there all night.

Thursday is the only day they can get a much-needed salvage inspection.  These vehicles were likely wrecked, purchased at auction and repaired.  Under Massachusetts Law, they cannot get a clear title until they’re inspected.

One of the drivers in the line, who did not want her identity known, told 22News that even if they wait all night, there’s no guarantee they’ll get that Salvage inspection Thursday.

“Some of them get passed in the morning.  Some get passed after lunch, after dinner.  Stuff like that,” the unidentified driver said.  “And if they’re not gonna be done by three o’clock, then they’re going to have to go home.”

The Registry only planned to have one inspecting officer at the Westfield site Thursday, because of staffing shortages.  There are four other highway department sites where these inspections take place, but Westfield is the only one in the western part of the state, and it’s only open this one day, with one inspecting officer.

The Registry has a number to call the previous day so the people hoping to obtain a salvage inspection sticker can make certain they’ll be open and operating.

This process is meant to prevent fraud and the sale of stolen parts.