Caught On Camera: Two injured in skydiving accident


(WESH/NBC News)  Two skydivers were seriously injured when their parachutes failed over Titusville, Florida Wednesday, sending them crashing right into someone’s front yard.

Video shot by a witness shows the skydivers twirling around and flailing helplessly in the air, their parachutes useless as they head to the earth from 18,000 feet above the ground.

“We thought at first it was a stunt. But when they started coming toward the ground we could tell that something wasn’t right because of how fast they were going,” witness Joshua Graham said.

It was a skydiving instructor and a student,harnessed together in a tandem jump…the student’s very first.

The two had hit a camphor tree in a front yard in Titusvilleand were conscious and talking when paramedics arrived.

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