(CNN) – Former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is taking to twitter to bash policies under the Trump administration. Twice in two days, Donald Trump was given the opportunity to outright condemn anti-Semitism, and did not.

President Donald Trump said, “I think a lot of good things are happening. And you’re going to see a lot of love. You’re going to see a lot of love.”

And twice in two days, Chelsea Clinton hammered him for it on twitter, tweeting, “One would think he would have thought of an answer since yesterday. Here’s one: ‘there’s no place for bigotry, ever, in America.'”

The former first daughter criticized Trump on the campaign trail saying, “So to me, this election is both about repudiating Donald Trump’s divisive, demeaning, degrading, rhetoric that should offend all of us.”

Her attacks have gotten sharper, when top white house aide, Kellyanne Conway, recently referred to a terror attack that didn’t happen.

Chelsea Clinton trolled her tweeting out “Very grateful no one seriously hurt in the louvre attack or the (completely fake) bowling green massacre. Please don’t make up attacks.”

“Bosnia lie a great reminder” Conway fired back, referring to Hillary Clinton’s false 2008 claim that she had once touched down in Bosnia under sniper fire.

“And to Chelsea Clinton and others, you can’t ‘invent’ quality candidates either. I misspoke; you lost the election.”

Chelsea Clinton also posted a picture, revealing she had attended a protest of Trump’s travel ban in New York City.

All this tweeting has fanned long-standing speculation she could run for office. Much as these comments did last year where she said, “If I didn’t like whomever were to succeed my councilwoman or my public advocate, I then would have to think you know, could I make a real difference here, is this something I should do? But for now, I’m well represented and I love what I do.”