CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The citizens of Chicopee today showed the high esteem in which they hold their Police department during today’s observance of law enforcement appreciation month.

In the Chicopee Public Library Courtyard, Mayor of Chicopee, John (VIEW) Vieau, honored his cities’ men and women in blue, past and present. It was solemn but an uplifting voice of support for those who wear the badge and protect the public.

Mayor John Vieau stated, “Here, in Chicopee, we love our PD. I can tell you, that is something that’s been here for many, many years. We continue to grow. We’re a community oriented city.”

The police appreciation event follows barely three weeks since Mayor Vieau appointed his new police chief, Patrick Major.

Chief Patrick Major said, “Every man and woman in our department is dedicated to the citizens of Chicopee. From myself down to our newest officer, we are here every day to serve the community.”

This was an event to honor Chicopee’s finest who died in the line of duty. There was special recognition given to veteran officer, Michael Dion, who suffered a heart attack while on duty. His sister, Judy Dion, remembers this fallen hero.

Judy said, “My brother, Mike Dion, was the longest serving police officer in Chicopee, and he had received the highest honor of badge one in December of 2020.”

Many community members joined their public officials on this windswept Saturday afternoon with a public display of respect and affection for the men and women in their city who wear a badge.