MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – News 8 has obtained court documents that give a glimpse into the mind of a father who confessed to killing his son before trying to take his own life.

21-year-old Tony Moreno is now charged with murder in the death of his young son, Aaden and now we are learning more about what happened in the final moments before Moreno threw Aaden from the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown.

Earlier this week we learned that Aaden’s mother, Adrianne Oyola, tried to take out a restraining order for her and her son against Tony Moreno. She said she feared for her and her son’s safety. That restraining order was denied.

Aaden Moreno

Court documents reveal there were growing issues between Moreno and Oyola, which culminated late Sunday night several hundred feet above the Connecticut river.

A text conversation began between the two right around 11:18 pm. Moreno texted Oyola saying he needed to talk to her. When she tried to see what it was about, he basically told her not to worry about it.  The following messages transpired between the two right around 11:30, shortly before Moreno and his son went off the bridge.Here are some of the actual messages:

TONY: Enjoy your new life without us.

ADRIANNE: You can’t just deside not to bring him back Tony.

ADRIANNE: Seriously don’t play around like that. Please don’t try and take him from me!!!!

TONY: You tried to take him away from me. You failed. I didn’t

TONY: Enjoy your new life without us.

ADRIANNE: Where are you?!

ADRIANNE: Where’s Aaden?

TONY: He’s dead

TONY: And soon I will be too

ADRIANNE: Your playing right now! Please tell me your kidding!!!!!!!To read the whole text conversation 2015-07-09 State vs Moreno Clerk Text Messages