HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News heard from business owners after the city of Holyoke issued an alcohol license “advisory” earlier Thursday evening.

There is some confusion surrounding this announcement on what’s going on. A concern was that this was a suspension of the alcohol license, the mayor’s office says that this is not the case.

More than a dozen of Holyoke establishments may have their alcohol license in jeopardy, ahead of the Saint Patrick’s Day Holiday. The city of Holyoke, issuing an advisory to businesses, concerning the renewal of their seasonal and annual alcohol license.

In a press release sent to 22News, Anthony Luciano, the chair of the Holyoke License Board said that the board is, “unable to issue licenses to individual licensees until the License Board receives notification by the building and fire departments that the licensee has passed the required on-premise inspections.”

“I wish somebody in the city would have contacted us and told us that something in the process was not followed, they have issues that they want to be corrected, when they are doing an inspection,” said Peter Rosskothen, owner of the Log Cabin and the Delaney House. “For the first time ever in 20-something years, they wanted to be recalled, to give us a final certificate, therefore we didn’t do that, and the license did not get issued for that reason.”

Rosskothen told 22News, he has been given the “Ok” from the city to continue selling alcohol, while inspections are underway. “I truly don’t believe there are any issues that affect customers…I think that this is a clerical issue that needs to be resolved and likely will be resolved in the next couple of days,” he adds.

In the meantime, the licensing board says that LV applicants must reach out to them to get the application 6 weeks prior to a planned event, to allow proper review, and time for inspections.