SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Public input on an updated Springfield Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) 2022-2027 is being requested from the City of Springfield.

To benefit the residents, a comprehensive park and conservation land improvement program has been implemented. This plan is a framework for city expenditures in the ensuing seven years and activity funding sources. For instance, some long-term projects involve improvements to Forest Park.

As indicated in Springfield’s open space and recreation report, Springfield Park and Recreation Department’s mission is to provide updates to all of the City’s parks and open spaces. To also give a range of recreation programs and improve all municipal and City-owned facilities, schools, terraces, tree belts, and city trees.

The seven-year program of open space improvements presented are the following, according to Springfield’s open space and recreation report :

  • Continued restoration of parks and playgrounds with
    emphasis on high-use facilities in densely populated
  • Continued implementation of the Forest Park Master Plan &
    Horticulture Center Master Plan.
  • A continuation of the lakes and ponds restoration program.
  • Management of non-point source water pollution and
    compliance with NPDES regulations
  • Conservation Commission acquisition of land with wetland
    or wildlife value, forest management, as well as trail and
    hazard tree maintenance on existing properties.
  • Implementation of the Springfield Bike and Pedestrian
    Complete Streets Master Plan.
  • Promote the maturation and continued growth of the community
    gardens and urban agriculture.
  • Aggressive implementation of a non-native/invasive species
    vegetation management program.
  • Implementation of programs that will promote recreationally
    uses of the Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway as well as
    planning for connections from the River Walk to existing
    recreational facilities and other destinations.
  • Continued implementation of park, open space, and recreation improvements through the Community Preservation Act.

Springfield’s survey asks residents about which open spaces they visit the most, how they travel there, why they visit those open spaces, and more.