SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Federal agents last week raided two Springfield golf courses and the home of the man who runs them. 22News looked over the numbers and found the city has paid more than a million dollars to the company of their golf course manager over the past five years.

The city of Springfield has paid $1.23 million to Kennedy Golf Management from 2012 to this year. The president of the company is Kevin Kennedy Junior, who manages the two city run golf courses, Veterans Memorial and Franconia.

One week ago, federal agents with the IRS Criminal Division gathered evidence from the two golf courses as well as Kennedy’s home in East Longmeadow.

Kevin Kennedy Junior was hired by the city in 2006 his current contract through his company Kennedy Golf Management with the city is for a salary of $67,000.

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Records show that Kennedy bought the lot for his house from Pecoy Homes. Back in April, IRS agents were inside Pecoy Homes Offices for a few hours. It is unclear if the two investigations are related.

Kevin Kennedy Jr. is the son of Springfield’s Chief Economic Officer Kevin Kennedy.

The city attorney for Springfield has told 22News they are cooperating with the IRS, but could not say what they had been looking for.

22News has tried contacting Kevin Kennedy Jr. for comment, but he has either been away from the golf course or not available.Click here to access the city’s open checkbook

These are the numbers 22News found in the City of Springfield’s Open Checkbook:

  • FY 2016- $270,286.16
  • FY 2015- $241,515.99
  • FY 2014- $242,150.88
  • FY 2013- $242,863.40
  • FY 2012- $239,883.76