Co-workers buy car for single father who walked 11 miles a day for work

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) – A 21-year-old wanting to provide for his young daughter walked 11 miles a day for work. The UPS employee’s co-workers came together to surprise him with his first car.

The employee says nearly everyday he would get up in the middle of the night and walk about five and a half miles to work. He would have to be there at 4 a.m. Sometimes he would get rides, but most of the time he would walk. That was until his co-workers gave him four wheels.

On his two feet, Trenton Lewis walks to the UPS center in Little Rock. “I don’t want to miss work at all,” Trenton said.

While he didn’t have a car, he had a new job. “I wanted to be with my daughter, to be able to support her. I wanted to be a father,” Trenton said .

For about the last seven months, he would wake up at midnight and walk. He would leave his house on Ringo, walk down Roosevelt Rd. to get to the UPS center. That’s about five and a half miles away. All this, to clock in on time.

“I made it to work. I was never late,” Trenton said. “Doing this for my daughter, that’s all.”

“If someone has that type of determination, I’d be willing to help them,” UPS clerk Kenneth Bryant said. “We just wanted to lend somebody a helping hand.”

Trenton didn’t tell many people how he got to the office, but Kenneth Bryant found out. “That’s a young man that wants to work and will do what ever it takes to be successful,” Kenneth said. Kenneth started asking around to see if co-workers would pitch in and buy Trenton a car.

“They were astonished that someone would get up at that time of morning, at night, and walk to work that far,” Kenneth said.

To his amazement, they wanted to help.

“It caught on like wildfire,” Kenneth explained.

Eventually, enough money was raised, and in a Facebook Live video, they surprised Trenton with keys to a car.

“This is my first car,” Trenton said. “I have great, awesome coworkers.” He says he was shocked, “I had no idea. I guess they are very good secret holders.”

Now, Trenton has his keys, a UPS keychain, and a new car thanks to his coworkers. “I knew things were going to get better if I kept coming to work so, that’s just what I did,” Trenton said.

The car cost about $2,000. They say not everyone who gave money knew Trenton, they just heard the story and wanted to help out. They say a couple of retirees also gave money for the car.

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