Columbine survivor comes to NWA


"The biggest thing I learned behind the Columbine shooting is how important people are and how valuable life is"

DECATUR, Ark. (KNWA) — A Columbine survivor came to NWA Thursday, August 29, to teach students how to know their self-worth.

Craig Scott was in the library on April 20, 1999, at the Columbine High School in Colorado.

“I had two friends that were killed next to me underneath a table,” Scott said. “I lost my sister on the day the shooting happened at my school.”

Scott’s sister, Rachel, was the first person murdered the day of the Columbine shooting.

“The biggest thing I learned behind the Columbine shooting is how important people are and how valuable life is,” Scott said.

Since Columbine, he has taken those tragic events and turned them into something positive.

Scott started VALUE UP, where he travels around the country, teaching students about bullying, violence, social anxiety and how they are all related to value and self-worth.

On Thursday, Scott went to Decatur High School and worked with student groups throughout the day.

“You have value and so does the person next to you, treat everybody with that value, treat everybody like what they potentially could be,” he said.

Scott feels when you instill value in yourself and others, everything changes.

“No matter how hard their situation is, they can have a vision of their life and what they want it to be,” he said. “If they believe in that vision they can make it come true.”

In light of the recent rumors of a school shooting in Arkansas, Scott said he shared with students how they should take on fear head-on.

“For every one person that wants to do something angry and violent and hurt people, you have a million people that want to do something good,” he said.

Decatur High School Principal and Athletic Director Toby Conrad said the timing of Scott’s message couldn’t be better for a time of so much anxiety and stress.

“The students just came together and they are coming up with ideas to improve,” Conrad said.

Conrad said what Scott instilled in the students Thursday is something he will forever be grateful for.

“Its the best school day I’ve ever had,” he said.

Both men want the students at Decatur to know they are important no matter what.

“When a student believes in themselves and their potential and has a vision of their life of what they can be of that potential it really changes everything,” Scott said.

“As long as this school is in existence these kids will be doing this,” Conrad said.

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