Concentrated marijuana causing concern for police


SUFFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) – Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but police just across the state line in Connecticut say that a new form of the drug is causing a potent problem. This product, sometimes called “dabs,” is basically concentrated marijuana.

Suffield police recently arrested two high school boys who were caught with it.

Basically, the THC- which is the chemical that makes you high – is extracted from cannabis. Then, a cheap solvent, such as butane, is used to condense it into either an oil, wax, honey, hash, or solid consistency.

Holyoke police seized a machine used to make the concentrated marijuana during a drug raid last year. 22News contacted local Massachusetts police departments and the Hampden County District Attorney’s office, but no one could seem to provide a clear answer on whether this concentrated marijuana is legal under Massachusetts law.

Suffield Police Capt. Christopher McKee says that he hopes his state does not follow Massachusetts’ lead when it comes to marijuana legalization.

“I, and most of my colleagues, are firm believers in the gateway theory. I’ve seen in my 25 years of policing that when you start with one substance, you build up a tolerance, you move on to something else- either by mistake or intentionally. So, I have no interest in marijuana being legalized,” McKee said.

The concentrated marijuana is often vaporized, laced in cigarettes, or eaten. Suffield police say that parents should familiarize themselves with what this concentrated marijuana looks like.

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