NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Are you a believer? These 10 people are!

The National UFO Reporting Center has recorded more than 150,000 UFO sightings across the nation within the last 47 years, according to its online records. 

Of those, more than 1,920 have been from Connecticut, where 51 people have already submitted their firsthand accounts this year.

People who think they’ve witnessed an unidentified flying object can go to the registry, add their account, fill in some details and then submit it. Photos and videos can also be added.

While some of the accounts fit the description of a drone, a firework or a SpaceX launch, we’ll let you be the judge….

Here are 10 firsthand accounts from people who claim to have seen a UFO in the Constitution State, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. Narratives have been edited for length and clarity:

Jan. 20

Location: Wilton

Shape: Triangle

Duration: 30 seconds

Summary: I stepped outside to have a cigarette around midnight. Right above the treeline I saw what at first I thought was a very large drone. I think my brain registered it as a drone because of the flight path and height. It appeared to be very low to the ground and moving slowly. It almost hovered or drifted like a drone would.

However, as it approached, it appeared to be the size of a large plane. The lights on the bottom of the craft were similar to a plane. White and red lights. But it looked more like a triangle. It seemed to be moving slowly at a steep ascent, yet the trajectory doesn’t make sense with airports in the area.

First time I have seen something so close that I could not explain.

Feb. 4

Location: Danbury

Shape: Circle

Duration: Eight minutes

Summary: White glowing balls were chasing each other back and forth, but not in a line. They had erratic movements, then disappeared one after the other. Dogs in the area were barking – unusual this time of night! They’re all indoors!

Feb. 21

Location: Watertown

Shape: Cigar

Duration: 10 to 15 seconds

Summary: I woke up from a deep sleep and drew back the curtains to see an object going low, about 500 feet off the ground. It was about 600 to 700 feet from the house.

It had three to four circles lit up in a bright light. It moved much slower than an airplane and did not appear to have wings. The whole body looked like an orange-yellow light, almost like fire. Absolutely no noise.

The following morning I mentioned it to my daughter. She said she saw a bright, almost fluorescent light shining on her window out of nowhere. Her husband looked out of the window and saw a bright, fluorescent-looking light. 

Living on top of a hill, there is nothing behind us.

March 9

Location: Harwinton

Shape: Triangle

Duration: Two to three minutes

Summary: It was dark. As I walked down the back stairs to our driveway, I heard a low, but deep sound. When I reached the driveway, I looked up, and right above my head was a massive black triangle. It extended past our ranch home and just above our roof. There were a set of red, blue and yellowish round lights underneath each side. Since it was dark out and the craft was black, I believe I was only able to see it because of the lights underneath it and being underneath it, as well. They were not blinding, so I could see the entire shape of the craft, which hovered over, and then very slowly moved completely over the roof and then gone in seconds.

Needless to say, I was in awe.

I am a 66-year-old wife, mother and grandmother. Since then, I’ve been unable to get a full night’s sleep. Not through fear, but the unbelievable experience I was lucky enough to have.

May 17

Location: Stamford

Shape: Circle

Duration: One hour

Summary: I live on the 15th floor and went out on my terrace to look at the moon. I noticed a flashing, bright light in the sky. I thought it was a star at first, but noticed it was too big. It was prominent, and it was as bright as the moon’s light.

I took two photos before zooming in on it with my cell phone, but I did not realize that my video was not on. When I zoomed in on the image, I saw a grainy ball that got big and small.

Its colors were a little scary to me. There was a dark brown color in it. It looked creepy.

The object was in my line of vision without having to look up. Then I saw in the camera it flew upwards and diagonally at a fast pace. It flew toward my building, but extremely high in the sky. It would look like a star if anyone on the ground looked at the sky.

Then, it flew laterally directly above my terrace, but still high up in the sky. The lateral movement was much slower. It was an hour later that it was directly above my building.

It was too close to my apartment. I got nervous and went inside.

May 23

Location: Stamford

Shape: Sphere

Duration: One minute

Summary: I was on my apartment terrace when I saw a bright sphere hovering in one spot in the sky. When I got my cell phone camera out to video record, it flew in a southbound direction toward the Long Island Sound. It flew upward, downward and diagonal. 

When I slowed down the video, there was an image of a man’s face in one of the video frames. This was not Photoshopped. I don’t even know how to Photoshop.

May 27

Location: Stafford Springs

Shape: Fireball

Duration: Three minutes

Summary: A bright orange-red orb grew bigger after pulsing twice. It shot up when I opened the window. 

It was the same house that nearly caught fire the other day. The bathroom lights flickered.

This is a possible UFO abduction case.

Aug. 3

Location: Oxford

Shape: Unknown

Duration: 10 seconds

Summary: I own 14 acres of woods and am surrounded by many more. I was driving down my driveway when a bipedal creature ran out of the woods to my left, across my driveway and into the woods/yard of the property on my right. 

It was about 10 yards away and looked like a tree on legs with small arms. It was about four feet tall and about as wide as my thigh. It was brown, skinny, no fur or hair, lightning fast and light as a feather. Almost looked like it wasn’t even touching the ground.

I didn’t hear a sound from it running and all the birds and other animals were dead silent. When it ran, it didn’t prance like most animals or run like a human. Its legs were moving as if you were pedaling a bicycle.

I saw the back and a bit of the right side of it. I didn’t see the front or a face. I didn’t see a tail, ears or any other body parts a normal animal or human would have. 

I don’t do drugs and I was not drinking. I am not on any medication or anything like that. I don’t know if it was for sure an alien, but I don’t know what else it could be. I did not see any craft or anything, although I wasn’t going to walk through the woods to look, either.

Aug. 10

Location: East Lyme

Shape: Formation

Duration: Less than a second

Summary. I captured a picture on my phone with night vision. I took multiple pictures within less than a minute. None of us saw the image with the naked eyes. The East Lyme town hall photographer looked at the images and determined whatever anomaly was captured was traveling at supersonic speed, as it was only captured in one capture with split-second speed.

I wouldn’t have cared (I don’t believe in UFOs), but it worried me as it was next to Millstone Nuclear Power Plant in Waterford. 

Sept. 21

Location: Waterbury

Shape: Light

Duration: Ten minutes

Summary: It was the sound that brought my husband and I outside. We looked to the sky and toward the dump/landfill, and there appeared to be an airplane in the sky, but the sound was too loud for where the object was. It sounded as if it was directly over our home, but it was a few miles away.

The difference between the object and an actual plane was that the lights blinked quicker and never turned off. The sound went in and out, like really loud, and then lowered until there was no sound. In addition, the sound worked in tandem with the lights. As the lights brightened, the sound grew louder, and as the lights dimmed, the sound grew quieter.The object moved from left to right in the sky and moved in a linear motion. 

I was never able to see the craft itself, I only saw the lights. Finally, once the noise ceased and the lights were no longer visible, I couldn’t see the object anymore, but suddenly there was an easily identifiable airplane to the direct left of where I was standing.

The sound never came back, and I couldn’t see the object in the sky again. While my husband is skeptical that it was a UFO, he agrees it was an unusual experience.

Sept. 24

Location: Cheshire

Shape: Light

Duration: Less than two minutes

Summary: Shortly after pulling onto Main Street, I looked up to see a bright light. At first, I thought it looked like a helicopter with its searchlight on. It was moving pretty fast from right to left. 

After pulling onto Horton Avenue, I realized it was too high up to be a helicopter with a searchlight on. The craft was still moving right to left and the light was on the right, so on the back. The light was extremely bright for how high up it was. I’d say it had to be as high as a normal passenger plane would fly. 

The light shining in the back, which was a white light, looked dusty. After pulling onto Horton Avenue and watching it for another 15 to 30 seconds, the light turned off, but you could still see the craft moving, and it looked like it was leaving dust behind. It moved quickly behind the treeline and that’s it.

The object was not overhead, but maybe a few miles away. Where I was looking, it was towards the Cheshire/Hamden line, but it’s hard to decipher how far it was from my location. But it was bright and large enough to see where I was. This did not look like a shooting star, green fireball or comet. This was a craft of some kind.