Apple Watch alerts man to serious health issue


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Kenneth Brown was behind the wheel with his family when his Apple Watch started vibrating.

The 25-year-old lives with a heart condition and has an implanted defibrillator.

Brown said, “If I ever had a heart attack it would just correct the problem.”

The Apple device alerted him that his resting heart rate was high, nearly double. 

Brown added, “It was saying that my resting heart rate was high because it was above 190.”

Chyna Grant told News 8, “After a couple minutes go by, it continues and his heart rate keeps reading a higher number and I’m like, ‘Okay we need to park at the nearest parking lot because I know at a certain heart rate it shocks him.'”

They pulled over his car in mall parking lot.

Brown added, “It alerted me before I could even feel the chest pains which was amazing so that’s when I pulled over and that’s when the chest got tight and I got the shock about a couple seconds, a minute later.”

Doctor Frank Mongillo said, “People with defibrillators drive all the time, but there is a risk that when the defibrillator goes off they could lose consciousness or be distracted. When these things fire, it’s like getting kicked in the chest.”

Brown said he felt fine, but his Apple Watch said otherwise. Dr. Mongillo said for some people, that’s common. 

He added, “I have some patients that can tell me every time they have an abnormal heartbeat other patients don’t know when their heart rate is going really fast.”

He said these devices are helpful at detecting heart rates. 

“These devices are great. Especially when they kind of warn you that something is going on that you probably wouldn’t have known,” stated Dr. Mongillo. 

For Brown’s family, this little device is a lifesaver. 

Chyna said, “I’m very grateful that he had the watch on because had he not had the watch on we could have been telling a different story.” 

Dr. Mongillo told News 8 that fitness trackers are not medical devices and you can’t rely on them.
They can only give you a piece of information.

If you have a medical condition, check with your doctor. 

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