ENFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) – After a fire destroyed the main building at the Artioli car dealership Friday, 22News has learned they’re back open.

22News was in Springfield with how the family-owned business in Enfield is making it happen. The owner said it’s been a busy weekend, but they’ve managed to get most of their services back and running, and they’re once again serving customers.

The phones are back on at the Artioli Car Dealership, and people are on the lot looking for a new car. It’s only days after this fire destroyed their main building Friday. No one was hurt, but Bob Artioli said that the hardest part has been getting service and parts back and running.

“We have a couple of separate buildings right around here where we’re able to set up new lifts. We’ll get that up and running by Tuesday memorial day weekend,” said Bob Artioli, Owner of Artioli Car Dealership.

They’re planning to tear down this building soon and replace it with a new one. But Bob said this place, it’s a family-run site, and it carries a lot of memories for him.

“You know. Since I was you know I was five years old I was here with the guys watching cars sitting on the stoop watching the parts guys. The salesman playing football with me with the little- I grew up here.”

Bob said insurance has been cooperative and he feels confident it will be able to cover the costs to rebuild and cover employees. What’s he been truly amazed by? How members of the community have reached out to offer help.

“Hundred of messages you know, you just can’t answer fast enough to people that have reached out to support us and we’re there for you,” said Artioli. “I’ve gotten 300 whatever you need messages from customers, from friends. It’s overwhelming it is,” he continued.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by Enfield Fire Department and Connecticut State Fire Marshal’s Office.