Calf killed in Connecticut Home Depot parking lot after escaping butcher shop


BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A cow who escaped a slaughterhouse located in Bloomfield was killed in front of a Home Depot on Saturday, July 13th.

Saba Live Poultry, located across the street from the Home Depot, is a “slaughterhouse that sells and process live chickens and livestock to the public. We only process our animals at point of sale,” according to their website.

At around 3 p.m., Bloomfield Police officer noticed employees from the butcher shop running across the street. When the officer attempted to turn around to further investigate the scene, the officer saw a brown calf running towards his cruiser.

Immediately, police back-up was called in.

The officer proceeded to follow the calf around the perimeter of the store’s property when Saba Live Poultry employees ran up to the cow.

The second police unit arrived in an attempt to help to block the animal in. During the time of the second officer’s arrival, one of the men attempted to discharge an arrow at the young cow and missed, striking the wall in the rear of the Home Depot instead.

Three Saba Live Poultry employees tackled the calf to the ground, while one pulled out a knife and proceeded to cut the animal’s throat.

Approximately one and half minutes later, the calf passed away.

The individual who killed the animal with the knife stated that “this was the best he could do” and “this is how cows are killed in his shop”. The employee was instructed by the officer to remove the cow, clean up the blood and not dismember it until it arrived back to the butcher shop.

Due to the killing of the calf in a public place, the individual was issued an infraction: Creating a Public Disturbance.

A warning was told to the other employee who possessed the bow and arrow in which the officer explained that if the arrow was fired around individuals and without a safe backdrop then he would have been facing criminal charges.

Connecticut Department of Health was notified in regards to the incident and because of prior complaints in regards to health and livestock violations.

On Thursday, July 18th the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture issued a Cease and Desist Order to Saba Live Poultry, Inc. The Commissioner of Agriculture supported the order with the following findings: read here.

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