AVON, Conn. (WTNH) — An Avon man’s home security camera caught his fearless goldendoodle chasing a very frightened black bear in his backyard Thursday morning.

Crimson, a 7-year-old rescue from Alabama, was not happy about the visitor. The video shows the goldendoodle chasing the bear, then standing by the edge of the property to make sure the bear didn’t come back.

Watch the video in the player above.

Avon is among Connecticut’s towns with the highest number of bear sightings. View this map of current sightings of black bears in the state.

Last month, Taste by Spellbound bakers were loading cupcakes into a van to make deliveries when they were surprised by a bear, who ended up helping itself to 60 cupcakes.

Report a black bear sighting using this form created by Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP).

According to DEEP, in 2022, bears were reported in 158 of the state’s 169 towns and cities.