Christmas miracle: CT man learning to walk again


(WTNH) – Doctors in New Jersey told 31 year-old Adam Cronin from Prospect that he’d never walk again. In August, Adam and his buddies went on a trip to a beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. Adam dove into a wave and hit a sandbar. He became paralyzed from the neck down. A buddy helped to get him to shore. At the hospital in New Jersey, his family got some devastating news. They were told Adam would never be able to walk again.

“They said it’d never be done,” Adam’s dad Tim said. “It was hard.”

Adam was eventually transferred to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, closer to his home. After a couple of months of getting a healthy dose of TLC and putting in a lot of strength and conditioning work with his physical therapists, Adam is now able to do what once was thought to be impossible:

Adam can get out of his wheelchair and, with some assistance, put one foot in front of the other and take giant steps in his road to recovery. About two months into his stay at Gaylord Hospital, Adam is making great strides.

“Very gratifying to come such a long way,” Adam said. “It’s just a really good feeling. It’s kind of indescribable.”

“He’s a trooper,” Adam’s dad said.

“I’m proud and honored to be his therapist,” said Kaitlyn Rudolf of Gaylord Hospital.

Adam credits his therapists Kaitlyn and BJ Palumbo and his family for encouraging him to try and stand tall again.

“There’s been many times when I just want to throw in the towel and say this is enough but, my family has been a huge, huge support to me,” Adam said. “When I was first able to walk I just had this feeling like you’re the man and you can do anything that you set your mind to,” he said.

That’s the lesson his dad says he’s learned by watching his son fight back. Tim Cronin says a great Christmas gift would be to see his son be able to walk out of the hospital and return home. But, he also realizes it is a true Christmas miracle see Adam come this far.

“From where he came to where he is now, he’s doing really well,” Tim said.

Adam says he wants to send a message to anyone else out there who may feel down about something or to anyone who is ever told they can’t accomplish something.

“If you’re given the chance then you can do anything as long as you really believe it,” he said.

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