Conservative speaker arrested at UConn blames university security, protesters


STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) – A controversial speech caused chaos at the University of Connecticut Tuesday night, and now conservative commentator Lucian Wintrich spoke with News 8 about who he blames for last night’s violent incident.

The story is getting national attention. News 8 spoke to Wintrich on the phone Wednesday morning, as he was heading to the airport to fly back to Washington D.C.He was critical of how security handled the situation Tuesday night.Original Story: Fight erupts during “It’s OK to Be White” speech at UConn, speaker arrested

Hundreds of protesters showed up to speak out against Wintrich, interrupting him throughout his speech. At one point, a woman approached the podium, yelled at him, and grabbed his speech papers.

Wintrich said those papers were the only hard copy of his speech. He then followed her up the stairs, and attempted to grab his papers. On video of the incident, Wintrich appears to drag her backwards in the process.

In the conversation with him on the phone Wednesday morning, Wintrich said he is very disappointed with how security allowed the situation to get out of control. He says he asked security several times to keep people away from approaching him at the podium, but they did not do anything.

He says his speech was about calling out racism in the media; and that he was condemning people like Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer. It was a speech he hoped to give at UMass Boston, before his appearance got pushed back a few months.

This speech was put on by the UConn Young Republicans. Wintrich says he was also upset that many of the students in that group were not allowed to attend the speech, and that outside protesters were. He points out that the woman that grabbed his speech was from a local community college, not UConn.

UConn President Susan Herbst issued the following statement Wednesday morning following last night’s incident.

Something similar will arise here again at some point in the near future. We will need to learn from this experience and rise to that occasion.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit released a statement that says Wintrich was harassed, abused, threatened, and left unprotected by campus police.

News 8 caught up with Wintrich moments before he left the state. He said that he is considering pressing charges against the woman that stole papers, and the University for the way security was handled for the event.

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