Ct grandparents speak out after children were found in hot car


(WTNH) – Two-year-old Davion  Jenkins remains at Yale-New Haven Hospital, suffering from heat related injuries. He is expected to survive.

But tonight the children’s grandparents are making it clear that the boys were not left inside that sweltering car.

“We are devastated, we are suffering greatly,” said Pastor Lester Walters, the victims’ grandfather. 

“We’re moving forward slowly but, you know, we’re trying to collect the family, hold the family together and just walk through it one step at a time,” said Pastor Laverne Walters, the victims’ grandmother.

The grandparents are both prominent church pastors at New Lighthouse Church in New Haven.

Initial reports indicated that the boys might have been left in the sweltering car on a day when temperatures inside easily could have topped 100 degrees, but surveillance video reportedly obtained by police apparently shows otherwise.

“You know, people are quick to jump to conclusions before really getting the details,” said Laverne. 

The two grandparents pushed back hard against allegations that the children’s parents were negligent. 

“The truth is backed up by whatever it is that the video to show that our son and daughter, who love their children, would not have done anything to harm them.”

Little Davion has been hospitalized since the tragedy, but is expected to recover. He hasn’t been told about his older brother. 

“He’s doing well, he’s doing well.  He was running around today enjoying the game room.  Right now he’s resting and we’re so grateful he’s alive,” said Lester.

As for the life lost, Dusan’s memory lingers. 

“Such a lovely kid and we miss his great smile,” Lester said.

“He is definitely our miracle baby.  When he was born there were a lot of complications.  But God gave him life and we’re so thankful for these four years that God allowed us to share with him.  He’s impacted our lives and he’ll never be forgotten.”

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