HARTFORD, Conn. (WWLP) – The Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) launched a public awareness campaign this month to warn drivers of the dangers of wrong-way driving following a large increase in these deadly crashes.

The campaign called “One Wrong Move” is informing people of how one moment and one decision can become deadly on the road. According to the Connecticut DOT, wrong-way driving crashes have tripled in Connecticut in 2022. There were 13 wrong-way crashes that caused 23 deaths in 2022, compared to four wrong-way crashes in 2021 and two in 2020. Wrong-way crashes are 100 times more likely to become deadly than any other type of crash.

“Wrong-way driving crashes are many times more likely to be fatal than other types of car accidents,” Governor Lamont said. “It’s shocking how quickly the number of wrong-way driving incidents has been accelerating over these last couple of years. Reversing this trend requires a comprehensive approach that not only involves infrastructure upgrades using advanced technology – which we are doing – but also requires a heightened awareness by drivers every single time they are entering a highway. Drivers should look, and then look again to ensure they are going in the correct direction every time they drive.”

“Wrong way driving deaths in Connecticut are up 500% and we are doing everything we can to reverse these trends,” Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto said. “More than 80% of wrong way drivers are found to be impaired. It is so important people think twice before they get behind the wheel. Driving drunk is a dangerous decision that can hurt and kill people. We need people to drive sober because one wrong move can be deadly.”

The state of Connecticut has begun installing wrong-way driving technology on several on-ramps of I-84, Route 2, I-95, I-395, Route 291, and I-391. There are also plans to install the technology on I-91 in Windsor at the northbound HOV exit and Exit 42 northbound and southbound.

Anyone that witnesses a wrong-way driver should call 911 immediately with the location. If a driver suddenly realized they are on the wrong side of a highway, they should immediately pull over into the breakdown lane and change their direction when safe to do so.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal said, “One wrong move is all it takes to cause serious, sometimes fatal injury on the roads. We are committing much needed federal funding to reverse the tragic trend of wrong-way crashes in Connecticut. Awareness is one part of the solution, but roadway improvements, additional signage, and improved lighting are also critical to making our roads safer for all drivers. In light of the devastating loss of State Representative Quentin ‘Q’ Williams and others, these actions are imperative and urgent. I am deeply committed to continuing to fight for additional funding and resources to prevent traffic fatalities in our state.”