HARTFORD, Conn. (WWLP) – People are going across state lines to take part in street takeovers in Connecticut. Crowds of people have been blocking the roads and vehicle drivers are racing and taking part in dangerous car activities.

There was an incident on May 6th where police tried to break up the crowds in Meriden. According to Meriden police, people were racing cars, squealing tires, using loud speakers and setting off fireworks.

In a video released by police, people can be seen surrounding a cruiser and begin jumping on the vehicle’s hood. The incident resulted in nearly $2,000 in damage to the cruiser. Several other incidents have also occurred recently, including racers trying to block off an I-84 tunnel in Hartford Sunday morning.

Police say if you encounter a street takeover, you should turn around and find an alternative route. Do not approach or engage any individuals in the area. Meriden police added that a majority of spectators of these events are high school teenagers.

If people are going across state lines and see these street takeovers, police are asking people to not take part in. Springfield Police Spokesperson Ryan Walsh told 22News they have not had any street takeover issues but if it comes to Springfield, the department will be on top of it.

On Tuesday, the Meriden Police Department stated that the FBI has created a statewide tip line to report illegal racing. If you have information, you can call 1-800-CALL-FBI and choose “Connecticut Street Takeovers.”