Conn. (WWLP) – Four people in Connecticut are expected to be okay after they tested positive for the Powassan virus.

22News spoke with Bob Russell, an entomologist at American Pest Solutions, who explained that Powassan is a virus that spreads to people through the bite of an infected tick.

Powassan can cause severe illness, such as encephalitis. Russell says ticks are often found in what they call the “transition zone” which is the first layer of “scrub brush” between your lawn and the woods.

“There are three types of ticks that are known to transmit this virus,” he told 22News. “The number one, and the one we see the most here in the New England region, is the Ixodes Scapularis or the black-legged tick. That one is also closely associated with Lyme disease as well.”

There are currently no preventative vaccines or medicines to treat Powassan virus disease.

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