WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WWLP) – Local parents are going to great lengths to track down baby formula, which for some means traveling to get it.

On Monday, 22News heard from a mother just across state lines who told us parents won’t find relief their either. She is a mother of two, and her youngest daughter is nearing 10 months old. Shand told us that during the shortage, she’s been able to freeze some of her breast milk to feed her daughter in the meantime.

She adds that her daughter doesn’t need a specific brand of formula–but it seems that nothing is in stock.

“Probably two weeks ago my husband went to Costco, but he said that every formula of every kind at Costco was gone. So luckily we still have a container left, she’s almost 10 months at this point so, we are kind of getting to the end which is nice, but it’s definitely stressful,” said Jordan Shand of West Hartford.

A military plane carrying enough infant formula for more than half a million baby bottles arrived in the U.S. yesterday. Abbot Nutrition, the major baby formula manufacturing plant is also expected to re-open soon.

The White House released a statement saying store shelves should return to normal in a matter of weeks.