Man saves 3 from fire possibly caused by e-scooter


HARTFORD , Conn. (WTIC/CNN) – A Connecticut man is being called a hero for his actions during a crisis.

He helped three people after a structure fire broke out Wednesday.

Neighbors say it happened in mere seconds.

Flames shooting out of a two-unit building along Warner Street in Hartford.

“I just grabbed my kids and I just ran outside the smoke was really really really bad, it was really high, it was really black, I could hear the windows bursting,” said neighbor Denise Velazquez.

The intense fire broke out a little before 4 p.m. on Wednesday, sending a family of two adults and one child to the hospital.

During the chaos one man swooped in and saved all three of those lives.

“I didn’t know what was going on exactly at the point in time, when I seen people sticking their hands out the window yelling for help, so I was at a distance. So what I did was jump over to fences and I helped the people take a little boy, it was a woman, she put a little boy through first and I told her I was gonna have to get the boy first before I save anybody so I grabbed her and the other one,” Walter Jone recalled.

It was during the rescue neighbors say they saw one of the women jump out of the window after the boy was safe.

“She had to jump out of the window to get out and she looked in bad shape, she was burned pretty bad, I could see her skin technically hanging of her body,” said Velazquez.

“I saw her she was like doing this, [shaking hands] got I guess all the burns and everything it was crazy,” added Danessa Pedroso, another witness.

The woman was transported to the Connecticut Burn Center at Bridgeport Hospital. The other two victims were treated for smoke inhalation.

Assistant Chief Rodney Basco said they found two electrical scooters lying on the side of the house completely burnt out and flames extending up to the second floor unit.

“It could have potentially went up the side of the house, I don’t know if the window was open, and we believe possibly that’s how it would have started on the second floor,” Chief Basco said.

Jones said although he is being deemed a hero anyone would have done the same.

“I know this was crazy, I was just trying to save your life as I was trying to do, I didn’t really do it for the recognition just did what I thought was right.”

While authorities zero in on those scooters, the fire is still under investigation.

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