Couple married for 55 years takes anniversary pictures at restaurant where they met


(WCMH) – A Missouri woman helped her grandparents relive the day they met at Steak ‘n Shake through a cute photo shoot for their anniversary.

Courtney Stepp said her grandparents Elmer and Fran Armstrong, both 76, met at the restaurant in 1962 while hanging out with friends. They married a year later and this June will mark 55 years together.

Stepp wanted to do something to celebrate their long-standing union.

“It’s hard to find people that can make it last,” Stepp told “I thought it was really special so I wanted to do something to make it special for them.”

Stepp said the pair was delighted at the offer and on the day of the photo shoot, which Stepp shot herself, they were excited.

A friend donated a bouquet for Fran and a boutonnière for Elmer.

“They were giggling and having so much from during the photo shoot and reminiscing on old memories,” Stepp said.

The relationship is something Stepp said is a wonderful example of true love.

“They are super good friends. They get along so well. They truly care about one another,” Stepp said. “True love can last.”

Stepp said Steak ‘n Shake saw the photo shoot and sent a gift in the mail.

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