(WWLP) – Covid-19 cases among grade-school students are climbing all over the country forcing some schools to bring back mask mandates cancel end-of-year events and sometimes shut down altogether.

More than 13-percent of the state’s confirmed cases were among school-aged students from April 17 through May second. More than 4,600 cases were confirmed in that period in kids ages five to 19.

For ages 15 to 19, had the most with 2,300 cases. The 20 to 29-year-old age group continues to lead the state in case of numbers with more than 7,700 cases in that same timeframe.

In most cases, damaging outbreaks at schools follow the removal of mask mandates for classes or large-scale events like prom.

With so many disruptions to education over the last two years, administrators are taking new steps to make it to the end of the year.

Schools in New Jersey have instituted temporary mask mandates, while others in Maine transitioned to remote learning or closed entirely last week, to slow the spread of infection.