$20K reward after police dog poisioned


REDDING, Cali (CNN) – Dr. Correia: “Time was of the essence. They got him in right away. The sooner you can get them in, the better we can flush them out much sooner, we can get them to respond much sooner. If it were a couple hours later we don’t know what would’ve happened.”

Tarro was one of the first K-9’s that was brought on when Lieutenant Brian Barner took over supervising the department. He, along with K-9’s handler hand picked him almost ten years ago.

But while retired now, and waiting for his partner to come home from work. Tarro was poisoned by a suspected burglar.

Lt. Barner: “That was his partner for 6 years so he’s very attached to that dog. He had a lot of emotions, not only for the incident that happened at his house and the burglary but on top of that, someone deliberating tried to poison his dog, his police dog.”

Dr. Correia: “It appears to be intentional. He was very wobbly, almost like he was drunk, and he was very twitchy. So we helped him get into the hospital to start evaluating him.”

The award has reached $20,000 thanks to an out-pour of community support. Everyone shocked at who would do such a dark think to such a well-known hero.

Lt. Barner: “They’re such an essential tool that we use. He’s just a great dog. It’s like a friend, a family member, it’s like one of our officers. So when something like this happens it really affects are entire department.”

Tarro was 18-months old when he started serving the city of Redding. He’s survived many life-threatening moments over his ten years, and now this one.

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