5 gang members arrested in slaying of teen


Five gang members from New York are taken into police custody. They’re accused of killing a teenager. His family says it was a case of mistaken identity.

A moment so many have been waiting for. In the midst of grief, word quickly spread that 5 people are in custody in the brutal stabbing death of 15 year-old Lesandro Guzman Feliz known as Junior.

“Thank God they caught him. They have to pay, what they did to my son. My son was innocent.” Leandra Feliz/Mother

“Oh my God I’m so happy. We are so grateful they’re caught I swear.” Ione Gutierrez Feliz/Sister in law of victim

Around 5 Sunday, a CBS 2 camera captured one person taken into custody in Paterson, New Jersey. In total police say three were picked up there, another was caught in the Bronx, and one turned himself in.

Investigators tell us all of them are gang members. 

“They arrested some dude, had his shirt off. he wasn’t running. They grabbed him. Put the cuffs on him.” RR Paterso/Neighbor

Police have been searching for these suspects since Wednesday when they say the men dragged the teen out of a bodega on Bathgate Ave and E 183rd Street then stabbed him repeatedly. 

Cell phone video shows him running one block to Saint Bernabas Hospital where he died.

“I’m never going to have my son ever again. That’s my little angel my baby.” Leandra Feliz/Mother

Since his murder, Justice for Junior has echoed through the streets of Belmont. And made waves on social media with celebrities like Rihanna and Cardi B sending their condolences in what Guzman Feliz’s family is calling a case of mistaken identity.

“Police say the teen was not involved in any gang. He was such a good friend always happy, always smiling.” Kaitlin Perez/Friend of victim

A relative, who didn’t want to show his face on camera says a gang member sent an apology on Snapchat. 

“They’re just saying it wasn’t for Junior, it was somebody else but they confused them and they said sorry and they apologize and they send their condolences but it wasn’t for him but he’s gone that doesn’t change anything.”

Guzman Feliz’s family says he had big dreams for his future. He was in the NYPD Explorers program hoping to join the force one day. Instead those men in blue he looked up to now working to make sure justice in served.

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