65+ lbs of fentanyl seized in Massachusetts-New Hampshire trafficking investigation


A year-long investigation into fentanyl trafficking between Massachusetts and New Hampshire culminated in the seizure of more than 60 pounds of the drug, $500,000 in cash, firearms, and the indictment of 45 people.

According to the District of New Hampshire U.S. Attorney’s Office, the investigation was focused on a drug trafficking organization led by the Martinez brothers, Sergio and Raulin. 

“The Martinez brothers allegedly used a vast network of dispatchers and distributors to serve customers large and small with knowledge that a substantial amount of drugs were going to New Hampshire,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a news release.

The following people have been charged with participating in a conspiracy to distribute, and possession with intent to distribute fentanyl:

  • Sergio Martinez, 28, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Raulin Martinez, 36, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Luz Perez DeMartinez, 25, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Jhonny Jose Naut Perez, 53, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Suhey Perez, 38, of Lawrence, MA;
  • FNU LNU a/k/a “Linet”;
  • Wagner Pimentel, 28, of Methuen, MA;
  • Luis Angel Polanco Huma, 22, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Eduard Amparo, 46, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Frailin Manuel Gomez Gil, 26, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Julio Pizzini, 24, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Jepherson Emmanuel Cabrera, 18, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Edward Brailey Delacruz, 24, of Methuen, MA;
  • Luis Antonio Salomon Polanco, 20, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Juan Rafael Tejeda-Jimenez, 27, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Fernand V. Miranda, 23, of Haverhill, MA;
  • Alexander Noonan, 20, of Haverhill, MA;
  • Steven Guerrero, 18, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Jared Ortega-Peguero, 25, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Juan Dimel Gil Castillo, 23, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Ramon Gill Huma, 25, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Julio Colon, 24, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Jason Cheever, 41, of Goffstown, NH;
  • Joshua Smith, 29, of Plaistow, NH;
  • Paul Aaron, 31, of Lowell, MA;
  • Steven Lessard, 31, of Lowell, MA;
  • Miguel Alvarez, 27, of Haverhill, MA;
  • Edward Brito, 31, of Lawrence, MA;
  • Trevor Ahearn, 28, of Haverhill, MA;
  • Julio Saldana, 18, of  Lawrence, MA;
  • Jesus Rivera, 20, of Lawrence, MA; and
  • Jorge Rodriguez, 21, of Methuen, MA.
  • Meghan Bowers, 30, of Candia, NH;
  • Dennis Chaney, 30, of Rochester, NH;
  • David Fagan, 32, of Manchester, NH;
  • Jonathan Felch, 36, of Goffstown, NH;
  • Albert Gordon, 44, of Manchester, NH;
  • Norman Limoges, 51, of Berlin, NH;
  • Leon Mandigo, 31, of Auburn, NH;
  • Robert McLain, 26, of Groveton, NH;
  • Alicia Morin, 30, of Belmont, NH;
  • Samuel Morris, 28, of Belmont, NH;
  • Amy Reardon, 32, of North Haverhill, NH;
  • Darlene Tirone, 42, of Hampton, NH; and
  • Meredith Willey, 37, of Groveton, NH.

If convicted, the suspects face a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison and a maximum sentence of life, as well as a fine up to $10 million.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Martinez brothers lived at a residence in Lawrence, which was staffed by dispatchers who took drug orders over various “customer phones.”

The Martinez brothers also allegedly employed individuals responsible for making sure distributors were consistently supplied with 200-gram bags of fentanyl.

The investigation was a collaborative effort involving several agencies including the DEA, Massachusetts State Police, and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.

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