8th grader injured in “targeted” school shooting


(KARK/NBC News) – A shooting in an Arkansas high school ended Monday with one 8th grader in the hospital and another in police custody.

Prescott Police Chief Joseph Beavers said an 8th grade boy shot another 8th grade boy in the high school’s hallway around 9:15 a.m. 

“The kids were all thinking that was a prank because of the day it happened on. I don’t think it really registered with them it could happen here either,” Cynthia Webb said shortly after the shooting. She was inside Prescott High School, dropping off her children, at the time.

She saw the wounded boy seeking help.

“He was saying ‘I’m shot,’ that’s what I made out that he was saying, and he was holding his chest like this and he ran in the office,” Webb said.

She also said that many students didn’t believe a shooting had really occurred.

“A lot of the kids in the hallways when I told them they needed to get to class. They were like it’s April Fools’ Day. It’s a prank,” Webb continues.

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