BBB warning consumers on QR codes scam

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(WWLP) – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers on a new wave of scams that utilize QR codes to steal users’ protected information.

According to the BBB, the way the scam works is victims find or receive a QR Code that brings them to a phishing website rather than the site of a legitimate business. On that site users are directed to enter personal information or log-in credentials for scammers to take. Some iteration of the scam launches payment apps or forces users to follow malicious social media: accounts. While there is a wide range of these scams, what they have in common is the need for a potential victims to scan the attached QR code.

The BBB recommends the following tips to avoid this scam.

  • If someone you know sends you a QR code, also confirm before scanning it. 
  • Don’t open links from strangers. 
  • Verify the source.
  • Be wary of short links. 
  • Watch out for advertising materials that have been tampered with.
  • Install a QR scanner with added security.

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