Bizarre kidnapping attempt foiled


A homeless woman is accused of attempting to kidnap a 6-year-old Portland, Oregon girl Sunday after she grabbed the girl a park near, then followed her after she fled inside her home.

 According to court documents, a group of children was playing tag in the area when a stranger approached 6-year-old Lillyana Salazar, told her she was her mother and said, “Come on, I’m going to take you on the bike trail, follow me.”

 When the girl refused, the woman grabbed her wrist and said, “Come on, daughter,” in a firm voice.

 Lillyana later said she was “scared, nervous, and shaking.”

 She was able to pull away, and ran back into her apartment where she told her grandmother what happened. Police say the suspect, identified as Stephanie Romero, followed the girl inside and was standing over her grandmother’s purse when she said, “I’m taking the stuff, and I’m taking her.”

 The girl’s mother, Summer Salazar, walked in to see her mother confronting Romero.

 “My first reaction was to hit the lady. I punched her and pulled her out of the house,” Salazar said. 

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