Bodycam shows terrifying standoff


(WTHR) Body camera footage has been released of police officers in Indianapolis rescuing a 2-year-old girl allegedly abducted by her father in Wisconsin last month.

Kenneth Brown fled the Milwaukee area with the girl on October 17 and led police on a pursuit into Indiana. Police caught up with Brown on the interstate as he was holding a knife to his daughter’s throat.

The video shows police persistently pleading with Brown to let go of the child.

“All you got to do to end this peacefully, put the baby down and let’s talk. Come on. Put the baby down. Throw out the knife. Throw out the knife. Nobody gets shot. Start with the knife. Come on man do the smart thing,” says an officer.

Police broke the windows of the car and hit Brown with a stun gun after he handed his daughter to an officer.

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