Brutal parking lot assault caught on camera


Cameras show the moment a comment about an empty shopping cart escalated into violence in a Wisconsin parking lot last week.

 Cori Richardson said she was leaving the Walmart store in New Berlin when she noticed a man had placed an empty shopping cart onto a grassy median. 

 She said the cart was partially blocking in her vehicle. 

 Richardson asked the man, later identified as 60-year-old John Engebos, to return to the cart to a nearby corral and that he replied by yelling at her. 

 Eventually, Engebos became violent, even though Richardson was accompanied by her 9-year old daughter and 8-month old son. 

 “It all just went so fast,” Richardson said. “I was terrified for my own life and for theirs.” 

 “He just started throwing punches and kicks and took me to the ground,” she said. 

 Richardson alleged Engebos also took her vehicle’s keys away from her and, at some point during the struggle, pulled a chunk of her hair out. 

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