Burglar makes scooter getaway


When you think of a getaway vehicle, you probably think of a nearby car with a driver ready flee the scene.

 In this case, it was two-wheeled “escape plan” and it wasn’t a motorcycle. This thief used a scooter to make his semi-quick getaway.

 It happened Tuesday morning in a quiet Indianapolis, Indian neighborhood just north of downtown. Michael Leppert was upstairs in the shower when he heard some noise downstairs.

 “I yelled ‘Hello,’ thinking my wife returned or my dog was doing something,” Leppert said, “but I think what that wound up being was someone who had come in and unlocked the back door.”

 He said when he came downstairs, his computer, wallet and backpack were all missing.

 Leppert said he thinks the thief “came in saw the computer and wallet, grabbed the back pack and went out the back door.”

 As for his dog, Birde? He was fast asleep in the basement.

 “He’s a failed on-probation watchdog,” said in mock disbelief.

 But Leppert’s next door neighbor? She was looking out her back window when she saw the man enter Leppert’s house.

 “She was thinking he was a delivery person and then when he left, she could see he left on a scooter parked a little bit further north from our gate,” he said, and the thief was wearing Leppert’s backpack.

 When he heard the thief had fled on a Bird scooter, Leppert saw an opportunity to solve the crime.

 “After I got done giggling, I immediately thought there was an opportunity to figure out who was responsible for that,” he said.

 That’s because Bird and Lime scooters require users to download an app, create an account and pay with a credit card. Plus, GPS lets the companies know exactly where each and every scooter is.

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